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Where to Ski

Resort guides for the internet age

These guides to Austria, France and Italy focus on the enduring features of ski resorts, on which reliable and clear guidance is difficult to find – the character of the village and the slopes, the snow record, the efficiency of the lifts. Like the guide that inspired them, the much loved but deceased Where to Ski and Snowboard, they offer:

  • thorough, comprehensive research

  • impartial, considered evaluation

  • uncompromising, warts-and-all verdicts

  • reader-friendly, colourful design.

The books give a lower priority to information that goes out of date quickly, but they do recommend the pick of the hotels and restaurants – particularly mountain restaurants.

We've now produced an 11-page update document covering all the major lift developments in the resorts covered by the Austria volume. Download it here:

You can now buy the books here using the button below. Further down this page you can download a complete sample chapter. Subscribe to get our occasional newsletters.


Mail on Sunday

no-holds-barred verdicts on the best places to ski; with invaluable mountain maps, Where to Ski in Austria has all you need to plan the perfect Austrian ski holiday

Fall Line magazine

everything I loved about the old Where to Ski and Snowboard – unwaveringly fair and accurate, covering everything from size and snow reliability to bars

the write-ups are clear, concise and, at times, brutally honest – not a fluffy PR exercise; the only guide that I would truly trust


“I have all of this series of books to date, and would never consider going skiing to a new resort without them. The reviews of the resorts are very informative and unbiased, and are excellent for highlighting the advantages and disadvantages for all types of skier. Highly recommended for planning any skiing trip. Keep up the good work!”

Karlos, Italy buyer, on

Where to Ski in France is (along with the other country editions) an almost unique book. I’ve never found anything even close for breadth of information across such a broad range of resorts. For £11.99 it’s a bargain!”

Sarah, France buyer, on

“This is my ‘go-to’ series of books when planning a ski trip. Wonderfully detailed and honest, I’ve found them to be excellent for their tips on the ski-areas. I don’t use them for hotel info (that is much easier to get online, as it is bang up to date), but for tips like which part of the town to stay in, they are great. Lovely photos, accurate observations on things like quality of the lift systems and snow quality. Definitely recommended.”

entyce, Austria buyer, on

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