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We ship to most countries where English is widely used, but not everywhere; more on this aspect in the background information given below. To quickly add a book to your cart, set the quantity below and hit Add to Cart. To learn more about a title before ordering, click on the main part of the cover image. To download a sample chapter, go to this form.

But ideally look over this background info first

We’ve found from long experience that the postal services in many parts of the world are unreliable, giving rise to countless problems; this is why we don't ship everywhere. We do ship to most of Europe; one of the main exceptions is Russia (which for postal purposes is in Europe). We ship to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and to a small number of places in the middle and far east. The checkout address entry system includes a country dropdown; if your country isn’t listed in the dropdown, we don't ship there.

For the moment, at least, we have abandoned second class post in the UK, and now use only the more reliable first class post. For addresses outside the UK, we offer only tracked postal delivery.


Orders are passed to the warehouse without delay, and with luck are despatched the next day; but the volume of orders varies widely, and at busy times orders may slip to the following day.

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