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Up-to-date detail on Channel ports

Most cruising sailors making for an unfamiliar port need information about the pubs, restaurants and shops that await them. Broadly, the information currently available falls in to one of three categories:

  • if it’s in an up-to-date book (eg an annual almanac) it’s insufficiently detailed

  • if it’s in a detailed book (eg a cruising guide) it’s probably years out of date

  • if it’s on a website it’s likely to be patchy, out of date and/or biased.


Our PortFolios will be smartphone apps, thoroughly researched and frequently updated. They'll be available in annual printed editions too, for mariners who don't trust phone batteries.


We’re starting with the Channel coast of south-west England – Poole to the Scillies; publication currently planned for 2026. To keep up to date with our plans, sign up via the button.

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