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  • Chris Gill

New Year, new site for Guide Editors

With plans for our new series of MapGuides taking shape, we thought it was time the Guide Editors website got a bit of a shakeup. This is the result – a brand new site that gives us the chance to showcase the upcoming books for walkers alongside the existing ones for skiers.

We're rolling into this site the previously separate online shop where we've been selling the Where to Ski guides ( Obviously, in due course we'll be selling the walking guides here, too.

In this blog we'll be posting updates on the MapGuides project, and occasionally reflecting on general editorial and technical matters. For example, we're building the new books using a thoroughly excellent suite of desktop programs called Affinity, which offer a very welcome route out of the absurd annual cost of subscribing to Adobe's Creative Cloud monster – and we'll be reporting on how that goes.

The site has been built by an associated micro-business, SiteSmiths. This has been set up to help small businesses take advantage of the ever-growing power of site-building software that requires no code (meaning no expensive developers) and that permits content to be edited directly on the page (meaning no wrestling with an admin site sitting behind the real site).

We hope you find the site helpful and enjoyable. Feedback is welcome, via the contact form.

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